Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia and Blurry Vision

I am that person that Google searches my illness, convincing myself I’m pregnant or 5 minutes away from death, no matter how many times I remind myself how ridiculous I’m being. This last few weeks, I’ve been convincing myself I’m going blind!

In May, I got my first pair of prescription glasses. I’d been struggling to read in the evenings, so I was given a small prescription in a lovely pink and brown pair of reading glasses for using after work.. and I can tell the difference when I wear them.

However, some evenings I just cannot read anything – I feel like I can’t focus my eyes and I know I’m really straining my eyes trying to read my book or phone. Sometimes during the day at work, I’m noticing cloudy ‘blobs’ in my vision, or I can feel my eye going blurry from the corner and it is driving me mad!

As, most of the time, I’m noticing it on my left side, I do tend to shrug it off with a quick ‘oh, it’s on my bad side, it’s on my TN”s side, I’ll be fine’, because everything that happens on my left side just tends to be down to my TN!

Sore ear? Ear infection? Probably just my neuralgia. Pain in my mouth? Toothache? Probably just my neuralgia. Stabbing pain in my temple? Headache? Definitely just my neuralgia!

I finally plucked up the courage to call my optician on Tuesday. The receptionist seemed super nice & said he’d get the optician to call me back regarding whether I needed an appointment or should see my GP for a neuro-ophthalmology referral or whatever they thought would be best. I waited. I waited some more. I gave it until this morning, Sunday morning, before I made my way into Boots Opticians and asked when exactly I should be expecting a phonecall back. The lady on the desk could not have been more apologetic and, surprisingly, had actually heard of Trigeminal Neuralgia, which was such a relief because it saved me explaining myself!

The optician has advised I come in for a repeat eye test, before deciding next steps, so I feel positive that at least that’s first steps in hopefully finding out if there’s anything that can be done for me. There was mention of my medication potentially causing problems with the focusing of my eyes, there was mention of possibly a stronger prescription and, of course, there’s the general worry that my brain is causing problems again – is another nerve being pressed on by a swollen blood vessel?

I guess I will find out in due course!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend & that you’re feeling as well as possible! ♡

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