Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia and My Little White Cat

Today, I found myself in a lot of pain. Usual, unsurprising pain. Conked out on the sofa like usual, the babies climbed all over me, like usual: Cooper on my feet and Evie as close to my face as physically possible, every now and then ‘talking’ to me, to remind me she was right there, and then, once in a while, reaching out and touching my cheek on my TN side with her little paw, with all her claws out.

Being a mum is the thing I am most proud of in the world. I can’t quite believe that I’ve raised these two little kittens, the size of my hand, into big, beautiful, caring beings.

Today, I just want to talk about Evie. She often gets pushed out of the limelight for Cooper. We’ve had routine vet appointments when they were babies, where everyone wanted to fuss over her brother, the hero kitten, but no one was too bothered about the little white kitten hiding at the back of the crate. I don’t think she always gets the recognition she deserves, not even from me. She is the most athletic, fastest fierce creature.. and sometimes all it takes is for Cooper to do the tiniest little ‘clever’ thing and we all forget about the wonderful things Evie has just done.

I remember bringing Evie home and trusting her to help me raise Cooper. She could teach him all the cat things that I would struggle to. Within minutes, he was following her around and by the end of the day, they’d scratched their post together, they’d eaten together and curled up for a sleep together. It was a long haul, but she’s been his eyes, his teacher, his carer and his best friend for the last two and a half years.

I didn’t know that I’d love her so much. I remember thinking that we’d probably get along just fine, but I didn’t think we’d fall in love with each other quite like we did. It was like she was my missing puzzle piece. I know people might not find that so easy to believe. From a distance, she’s just a little cat who I whisked home when she was a few weeks old. At closer inspection, she’s a pet I ‘talk’ to every day, who had to be attached to me constantly. Even when you’re on the inside with us, I’m not sure if you’d get it and that’s okay.

Family isn’t blood and it certainly can come covered in fur. Family is the hand that holds you when you need it the most. Family is who understands you the best and who knows you better than you know yourself. Family is just where you find your unconditional love.

Most importantly to me, family are the eight fluffy feet that wander all over me when I’m lay on the sofa holding my face.

So as I lie on my sofa, feeling utterly and completely sorry for myself, I’ve realised I feel more blessed than anything else today. ♡

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