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Exhausted, Yet I Just Can’t Sleep!

I can usually sleep for days.

I wish I could say that’s an exaggeration, but I can’t. I could nod off on the sofa easily before I got ill, but over the last two years – wow – I have slept a lot. I’m exhausted when I wake up for work and ready for the bed the second I get home.

I don’t like the thought of having a lazy day. I feel like a lie in is a wasted morning and going to bed early is a waste of an evening, but, today, a combination of the pain medication, barely any sleep last night (or the few nights before that), my usual blurry vision and my body trying to ‘fight’ to keep me well has rendered me submissive to a day of doing absolutely nothing.

The annoying thing is, as much as I lie down on the sofa or in bed, covered in my favourite fluffy throws, cats purring away at my side, pillows fluffed, less pillows, more pillows, duvet on, duvet off, I cannot sleep. I am so so tired and I can’t sleep for more than an hour without waking up! I have never know anything like it.. I don’t understand how I can be this exhausted to my core but can’t sleep! I am now four days deep in sleep deprivation and can barely read this blog post!

If anyone has any tips for the best nights sleep ever, that would be much appreciated! ♡

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