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The First Day in December and Decorating Our Christmas Tree

Welcome to Blogmas at The Pain Corner!

I made this blog to write about my experiences with my pain, but I also find therapy in writing about other things – things that make me happy. I’ve decided to write a blog post a day, for at least 12 days in December, in the lead up to Christmas..

Today is the 1st of December and I am decorating my house for Christmas! I always have the biggest, fullest Christmas tree possible. Evie loves to sit in the tree and Cooper loves to eat little bits of plastic pines from the bottom branches. I love having the lights on from the minute I wake up, to help getting ready for work on these dark mornings a little more bearable!

I couldn’t be one of those people who changes their colour theme every year – or at all! I’m a purple girl through and through, so our tree obviously had to match and I’m sure by the time we’re 70, we’ll have the biggest collection of purple baubles anyone has ever seen!

I hope you are having a fantastic start to your December! ♡

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