Staying Moisturised Over The Festive Period 

I suffer from terribly dry skin and I am super passionate about any kind of product that can help me a little with this. I’ve always had dry skin for as long as I can remember, but since starting taking amitripytline for my facial pain, I have been struck down with chronic dry skin and lips like I never knew could be possible!

Below are my current bath time favourites to help me feel a little more moisturised this festive period..

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream is (and probably always will be) a firm bathroom favourite of mine. I love coating my feet in this and putting a cosy warm pair of fluffy socks and letting this soak into my feet after a bubble bath. When I take my socks off later, my feet feel like heaven! This is also a favourite little pamper session to have with my fiance!

Lush’s Sleepy Body Lotion shares the same scent as my favourite bath bomb and shower gel by the same company, Twilight. This lotion is apparently the miracle cure for insomnia, so perfect for using before bedtime. I love the scent so much and it’s so hydrating without being too sticky. A little also goes a long way, which I’m super glad of.

Soap & Glory’s The Daily Smooth Body Butter is a thicker consistency, which is perfect after a freezing winter’s day outside. It’s also made for dry skin! The only problem I have with this product is how much of it I can get through, which I think is down how thick it is, which makes it slightly harder to rub in, so I find myself using more than I probably really need to..

All Burt’s Bees Lipbalms taste absolutely divine. I have one of these in every handbag, on both of my desks at work, in my bathroom and on my bedside table. They haven’t helped my dry lips completely, but if I keep reapplying it throughout the day, my lips feel great!

I’m also a massive fan of face masks, including the one shown above, Carnaby & Cross’ Gemmotherapy, but I’ll happily use almost any mask I can find, especially for dry skin. I haven’t found my perfect mask yet, but I enjoy sampling loads of different ones! Any face mask, all face masks! Is there anything more pampering?

Soap & Glory’s Hand Food which smells insane.. Basically, if you haven’t heard about this hand cream, or tried it, where have you been?! 

And finally, Gum Hair Treatment Oil, a Moroccan Argan Oil, which I dab onto my dry ends after styling or run through town dried hair after my bath. It smells so good and leaves my hair feeling healthy, even after a decade of bleaching!

What are your current moisturising favourites? ♡

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