My Favourite Festive Films

There is nothing more cosy in the run up to Christmas than snuggling up with a hot chocolate, my babies, a fluffy throw and a film, so here are my five movie recommendations for you that I’m really loving at the moment and enjoy every year..

The Polar Express

Possibly my favourite Christmas film of all time is the controversial ‘Polar Express’, not quite loved by everyone, due to the ‘dead eyes’ of the animated characters; I, however, loved it! Could there be anything more magical than finding out Santa is real? 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is this a Halloween or a Christmas film? I personally tend to watch Tim Burton’s classic around New Years Eve. I love Danny Elfman’s iconic soundtrack and the absolute magic that unfolds from Jack finding Christmas – cue chaos and lots of sing-along fun!

Love Actually

I couldn’t make this list without the favourite of every girl I know: Love Actually, a collection of different love stories, coming together in a beautiful festive, snowy rom-com. Yes, I do always cry at the proposal. Every. Single. Time. 

The Grinch 

The Grinch is the film I like to wrap presents to, under a throw, heating on full with loads of chocolates to help me out! It’s an easy feel good family favourite about the true meaning of Christmas and it warms my heart!

Bridget Jones’ Diary 

I would completely class Bridget Jones’ Diary as a Christmas film – Bridget starts off the film at New Years and ends the film again at New Years the following year, there is a turkey curry buffet and lots and lots of snow! I think we all have a little Bridget in us and that is why this film makes my top five.

And, finally, a special mention to all cheesy films on Christmas24 – possibly the best channel for easy, cheery films this December! What are your favourite films this time of year? ♡

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