Bomb Cosmetics Advent Calendar 2017

I have been counting down the days until I could open this advent calendar, since I bought for myself in October!

Bomb Cosmetics make the prettiest bath bombs, beautiful soaps and candles I have ever seen. I’m a die hard Lush fan, but Bomb Cosmetics make my favourite ever soap – Jack the Rippler, a raspberry and primrose scented bright pink soap, with a shredded coconut coating around three of the edges. Bomb Cosmetics make affordable products and, whilst their bath bombs don’t produce as much colour and sparkle as a Lush product, they smell amazing and they’re just as moisturising!

The Bomb Cosmetics Advent Calendar has 24 doors and each one contains either a minature soap from their range, or a little bath bomb or ‘creamer’.

This calendar normally costs around £20, but when you sign up with an account with Bomb Cosmetics, you receive a discount code for 50% off at their online store on your birthday, so I jumped at the chance to get this calendar for only £10 plus p&p in October! 

I’m really excited to open this calendar every morning and to have loads of new bath products to use this month! What advent calendar do you have this year? ♡

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