Christmas Nail Ideas

I am a jewellery maker and it’s pretty well known that crafters do not have the nicest looking nails. I am always chipping my nails on bits of chain, or catching a corner on my pliers, but I just use this excuse to change up my nails pretty regularly! Since getting engaged, I’ve made an effort to keep my nails as nice as possible.

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been painting my nails a variety of festive colours, so if you’re not sure what design you’ll be going for, look no further..

The Metallic One

I’m not sure what this exact shade is, because I borrowed this from my colleague to sort out my chipped nails at my desk, but any metallic colour would look fantastic this season for parties and celebrations. They are definitely a statement nail – gold especially feels really festive and would spice up a plain work uniform in the winter months!

The Pomegranate One

I very rarely wear much red, but Barry M’s Pomegranate is one of my favourite ‘red’ shades of nail varnish, because it seems to fall somewhere slightly to the more pink end of the scale. If you’re not sure about a red nail, I find this colour much more wearable and still makes just as much of a statement.

The Sparkly One

When buying a few nail varnishes for friends in Superdrug, because I’d spent over a certain amount, I got given a free gift at the counter and, my oh my, what a beautiful shade of sparkly deep burgundy! Sparkly nails are the most festive!

What shade are you going for this Christmas? ♡

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