Good Habits I Would Like To Make For 2018

New Years Eve is finally here! I’m excited about making some changes for the future, but I want to call them good habits for 2018, rather than new years resolutions. There’s a kind of stigma around making changes for January, so I would rather just think about the good habits I could spend time working on, which I can keep with me for 2018.. 2019, 2020 and hopefully for many years to come!

These aren’t going to be things that happen overnight – I won’t wake up on January 1st and have lost a stone, or suddenly be super thrifty and healthy, but what I will do is commit myself to making good choices and by the time New Years Day hits me, I’ll already be on my way to a more improved me.

1. Make better choices for my body. I have gained a lot of weight over Christmas. I’ve already gained a lot of weight this year due to medication and I need to get rid of it before I go wedding dress shopping. I want to make sure I start eating breakfast and exercising. I absolutely need to start eating better and try to snack on healthy things. I’d love to start going for a run (but I’m not sure how well that’s going to go..)

2. Stop putting off my appointments. I have already booked my dentist appointment in January – I usually avoid going to the dentist, as I don’t like anyone near my mouth (what a strange thing to say, haha!) because this could trigger my TN. I’m probably due a GP appointment as well, so I’m going to look into this first thing as well.

3. Wake up early. I usually lie in bed until the last possible moment, before jumping up and rushing around to get ready for work, then fly out of the door. I want to have more time around the house first thing.. Time to write a blog post, eat breakfast, chill out with the babies.

4. Sort out my finances. I have a wedding to save for and I need a new kitchen. That’s all I have to say about that!

5. De-clutter my house. I own so much stuff. I can’t wait to go through my home and get rid of anything I don’t love or need. I know this will be a massive job, but I’m so ready to get my home looking perfect and zen.

I hope you all have a magical New Years Eve! ♡

One thought on “Good Habits I Would Like To Make For 2018

  1. Speaking as someone who has spent years decluttering the house… it really does make a HUGE difference for your life. I mean my space still isn’t zen but I am miles from where I once was. Good luck with all your new habits!

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