A Goal Every Day (At Least!)

It’s early January and I’m pretty certain that I’ve come up with the ideal way to get through my yearly goals and make new, good habits.

When we make ourselves a new years resolution, we often just have the end goal in sight. For example, we’ll say we want to ‘eat healthier’ or ‘lose so many stone by the end of the year’.

I’ve started writing daily goals in a little planner for myself and I won’t end my day without doing them, regardless of what may crop up in the day: unexpected plans, illness, overtime at work, appointments, anything. These little goals will add up to the bigger picture over time.

My first week’s goals included a ten minute work out every morning (first step towards a fitness routine I’d like to develop!) and a few extra personal goals, some days setting myself at least 30 minutes to read, a little bit of organising my friend’s hen party and a few things I’d like to get done around the house. 

I’ve managed most of the things on each list since Tuesday, if we ignore the painful Thursday evening which struck off my Friday morning exercise plans!

How do you set out to complete your goals? ♡

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