Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia: When It’s Actually Not The Worst Of My Problems

It is the end of the first weekend of the year, where I’ve known I’ll be able to make it into work tomorrow.

Two weeks ago, I was suffering with a water infection and an eye infection, did I really deserve double trouble? Last week, I was being sick constantly for 24 hours. On Monday, I rang my boss to promise it wasn’t anything other than an unfortunate coincidence. I work at a hospital, so it was just the worst luck that I had two illnesses I couldn’t bring into the building. I don’t often accept that I’m too unwell to work, but I had to face up to reality and have a few pj days.

I really do love working. I love getting up with a purpose, I love going into the office and getting a job done. I have such a drive and whenever I have to stop, I have time to focus on how much my face hurts and how tired I am. That’s when I struggle. I really didn’t want time off work, but sometimes you have to just take a sick day.

Two weekends ago, on the Saturday, I noticed my eye was a bit sticky and red. On the Sunday, my eye was completely stuck together and itchy. At the same time, the water infection of all water infections hit me straight in the stomach – just a constant stomach ache that I couldn’t shake.

Last weekend, I was so sick that I couldn’t even drink a sip of water without seeing it again 5 minutes later.. which helpfully meant I couldn’t take any of my pain medication!

It’s been so strange going back into work and everyone assuming I’d finally submitted to the face pain and taken some time off work for that.. but I was actually off with sickness that any normal person could have had. I was off sick with something other people had heard of and have probably, at some point in their lives, experienced as well. It was the most bizarre thing.

But sometimes you have to just step back, put your comfy clothes on and snuggle up on the sofa with your cats for a few days.

I hope you’re all feeling well this evening! ♡

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