Taking Advantage Of A Victim Of Chronic Illness: Shame On The ‘Medical Medium’, Anthony Williams

New York Times Bestseller, Anthony Williams, has been using his ‘gift’ to ‘read’ people’s conditions and tell them how to recover from their chronic illnesses, since he was four years old. He apparently surpasses medical science – he can identify – through the spirit – your diagnosis and he can let you follow a ‘program’ with him to be cured, usually involving a lot of vegetables.

I, for one, think he should be embarrassed.. and that’s before I even know what he’s charging!

My annoyance started when someone shared an instagram post saying that Anthony could tell you the cause of illnesses where medical science has failed before and identified that a very special type of shingles is always the cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I was very curious about this and commented that I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, but have never suffered from shingles. The poster was quick to let me know that according to Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, everyone’s TN is caused by a very specific type of shingles that cannot be identified by science, but that Anthony William could ‘read my spirit’ and let me know if that was causing my pain.

Only he can see the shingles.

Obviously there is no way possible for me to dispute his diagnosis, as only he can see the true cause of my neuralgia.

Then the poster reassured me that it would be okay, because the Medical Medium has special programs for people with TN – a 28 day course to cure my pain, for a small fee.

Trying to keep an open mind, I headed over to the Medical Medium’s instagram page and listened to his free podcast about Trigeminal Neuralgia. I will ignore the fact that he compared the pain to ‘burning of the gums’ for a good few minutes (which did cause plenty of people to comment saying “I think I might be suffering with this, I think I have some of these symptoms!” “I have pre-neuralgia” – what??) instead of one of the most painful conditions in the world, but I can’t ignore the fact that he was openly talking about knowing, without a doubt, the cure for a condition that is manageable in some cases, but definitely not curable.

His cure, as it happens, involves lots of praying and eating healthy foods. A good old detox to cure an illness.

Now, I can’t disagree with the benefits of a good diet in normal circumstances. Anthony may have a point when it comes to some illnesses. I can see how a better diet could possibly help clear up stomach issues or immune system problems, perhaps, and how some of the other spiritual things may help with mental health problems. But I have a really painful, chronic, incurable disease and a bit of fruit is not going to cure me.

I can see people on a long term ‘protocol’ on his instagram – one person has commented saying they are 7 weeks in. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is. The Medical Medium makes me feel genuinely sick. I can’t stand the thought of someone taking advantage of people who are so desperately unwell that they will believe in any ‘cure’.

The worst of it is, all the people he has ‘diagnosed’ himself and ‘cured’ himself seem to be leaving positive comments about his work, so I’m worried that anyone suffering from anything incurable might see these comments and, firstly, take them as gospel, and secondly, worry their heart out when it doesn’t work and feel even worse than when they started.

I respect those with a faith and I am all for a belief in a higher power of your choice to give you strength. I am all for alternative therapies and a healthy body and mind. But Trigeminal Neuralgia and plenty of the other conditions he talks about cannot be cured by the spirit and by eating well! There cannot be one person out there with neuralgia who this man has been able to “finally heal”.

If it really worked, wouldn’t we all be doing it?

I will not wish any ill health on Anthony Williams – in fact, I wish the opposite. I wish he never has to feel the way anyone with a health condition feels, especially not the absolutely crippling Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I hope you are all feeling as pain free as possible this evening! ♡

Trigeminal Neuralgia

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  1. There are so many “alternative health” scams that people try on you when you have a chronic illness. My mom is a new age type so I’ve tried a lot of stuff, most of which hasn’t helped. A diet change really only helps TN to the extent that certain foods can be triggers (and some say spicy foods with cayenne pepper help though not so much for me) and of course it might help with medication side effects.

    When you have this kind of pain, things get desperate and you’ll try *anything*, especially when the drugs aren’t working or take too long to work.

    I do think CBD products help, with both pain and medication side effects, and B-12 apparently works wonders for some folks so I’ve started on that too.

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  2. Anthony does not claim spirit cures anyone. The body can heal. I had neuralgia 4 years ago and with his simple protocol I only get neuralgia right b4 my menstral cycle. I am still healing but shit, I used to have it all day everyday. Don’t knock it until you try it!

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  3. The thing is it’s obciously working for some people. Like veganisn or carnivorism works for some oeople. It is naive to invalidate these eexpeirneves. To say that they probably didn’t have x disease if it was cured by diet. There’s obciously benefits to lifestyle changes.
    I don’t really believe in the spirit thing. He lightveexoeirbeced that – cool. But the rest, I don’t see much wrong with it because his advice is for a healthy lifestyle. Though he claims to understand more than science I do not really listen to that side. Bhutan I am considering trying his protocol. I haven’t tried any before and anndesperate.


    • I don’t see anything wrong with a healthy lifestyle. But eating fruit will NOT cure anyone’s trigeminal nerve that is wedged against a blood vessel. However yes, I do see the other benefits of eating lots of fruit and veg 🙂 x


  4. Oh now I see why you reacted the way you did when I reached out to you about Healing the TN. I have also listened to his podcast and him describing burning of the gums is something some people feel because trigeminal neuralgia causes pain in different areas of the face and head depending on the person. Fruits and vegetables do allow our bodies to heal as well as the right vitamins like b12, zinc, etc. I believe so strongly in this because I used to have agonizing attacks from the TN that lasted up to an hour each time and all throughout the day. I was also on medications with their horrible side effects and now I’ve taken this advice and I’m off all medications and I’m 98% better. My question to you is how do you feel right about making a whole article about how he should be “embarrassed” and how wrong he is when you have not even tried it? When other people like myself are on here telling you it’s working for us That’s embarrassing


  5. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. When I reached out to you it was before I read this article. So I was just trying to say that now I understand why you weren’t interested in what I had to say. I’m not trying to be mean about all this. I just know how hard it is to live with TN and I don’t think anyone should have to just put up with it. I’ve been trying to find ways to heal it ever since the day I got it so I just can’t comprehend how someone living with it wouldn’t try anything and everything.

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  6. I am not sure if you have listened to the whole podcast! He mentioned many supplements that one can take to heal TN, not just fruits as you highlight in your article. I personally applied all his advices and it reduced my symptoms by 95%. I feel grateful to all the recipes and advices he shares it was a life transforming Experience. The L-lysine is a great supplement that Anthony highlighted in his podcast….it was amazing in reducing my pain.


  7. From a far view all I can see is a sad child. Try it for
    A few month/years, otherwise don’t complain. For me it had to get really worse to jump over that line and try what he’s saying (which BTW is ALL FREE, he doesn’t fee anyone) – which still is his good right to do


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