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How I Look After My Chronic Dry Skin: The Amitriptyline Side Effect*

I have chronic dry skin from taking amitriptyline for my pain. I’ve always had dry skin anyway, but using pain medication has taken it to a whole new level.

My aim with this blog has always been to be completely honest with my readers, so, without being too graphic, my skin has been so dry to the point where I have patted my face with a towel after a bath, applying barely any pressure, and my skin has literally bled from my forehead onto the towel. I know dry skin.

Without further a-do, here are my favourite products that I use every couple of days (or every day for most!) without fail for my dry skin..

Lush’s Sleepy is, without a doubt, my favourite body lotion in the world. It shares its scent with their bath bomb and shower gel Twilight, so it smells like lavender and ylang-ylang. If used before bed, this is supposed to give you the best night’s sleep too – something we could all definitely use when our medication is playing tricks on our minds at bedtime! It goes on so smoothly and, not only takes the dryness immediately away from my skin, but keeps me feeling moisturised for hours afterwards.

I also have just started using another Lush body lotion called Dream Cream, but I’m not as confident talking about that yet, so I need to try it for another few weeks before I can make you any promises on that one!

Sleepy is available here at Lush UK.

I have the best little trick to moisturise your feet and it involves Burt’s Bees’ Coconut Foot Cream and your favourite pair of fluffy bed socks! Before bed, simply smother this cream all over your feet (it feels super oily and thick and will get all over your hands!), then put your fluffy socks on and head to bed. In the morning, you will have the softest feet you have ever known. Plus, it smells good enough to eat!

This foot cream is available here at Amazon.

Soap & Glory’s The Daily Smooth Body Butter contains rapeseed oil and cocoa butter, so it’s no wonder that this cream feels so nice on the skin! It applies so thickly, so a little goes a long way and I find I have to really work it into the skin, but I’m not complaining, because then it gives my hand a good moisturise too, whilst I’m at it!

This a travel size of this body butter can be found in Boots stores or is available for the cheapest price on Amazon.

My favourite lipbalms to use are all Burt’s Bees’ lipbalms, because you can get them in any flavour and they’re the most moisturising lipbalms I’ve found. I must have tried and tested every single balm brand possible, as my dry skin has hit me the hardest on my lips and it doesn’t help that I also bite my lips as well! I don’t find the ones claiming to be any extra moisturising to work any differently, however, so I’d just stick to picking by flavour.. and I’d definitely recommend picking up a few, so you can mix it up a bit, especially if you need to reapply as much as I do!

I have just seen that these lipbalms are available to purchase as a set of four on Amazon.

Soap & Glory’s Hand Food is my go-to hand cream. You will find a large one in my bathroom and a smaller, travel size version in my handbag. It has the classic Soap & Glory scent and is a lovely thick texture, perfect for the days when my medication has really dried my poor hands out.

This hand cream is available in Boots stores or here at Amazon!

I can’t write this post without mentioning Gum Hair Salon Expertise Treatment Oil, because although this post is about skincare, I can’t forget my favourite product for my very dry hair! This treatment contains Moroccan Argon Oil, so it’s just what dry hair needs. Either run a little, on your fingers, through towel dried hair, or – my favourite way to use it – put a little on your ends once your hair is dry!

This hair oil can be purchased here on Amazon.

Please leave your recommendations below! ♡

Some of the links on this blog post are affiliate links, but as usual, all opinions are honest and my own!*

One thought on “How I Look After My Chronic Dry Skin: The Amitriptyline Side Effect*

  1. I am on Amitriptyline too and I know what you mean about scaliness. I get it quite bad behind my ears and on my elbows. My GP prescribed Benzoate RD cream for when it’s really bad. Luckily most of the time it’s not cracked and bleeding just very flaky. On a normal day I use Egyptian Magic which is basically a mixture of olive oil, beeswax and propolis also produced by bees. I love the products listed above especially the Lush and Burts bees and have tried most of them. With all that moisturiser we certainly are a slippery pair of customers.


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