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The Books I Recommend To Absolutely Anyone*

I love to read! I spend a lot of my time snuggled up on my sofa with a book, or my kindle. I don’t always have a lot of energy, so reading is an amazing escape for me. Sometimes, I’m in Waterstones and I find myself literally trying to sell a book to someone, recommending reads as if I work there!

If you’re like me and feel like you’ve read everything under the sun, and then some(!), I thought I’d just compile a list of the books that I’ve most enjoyed reading and hopefully these recommendations would be something you’d enjoy!

Dark Places, by Gillian Glynn. You will recognise this author’s name, because she wrote Gone Girl, which I really, really enjoyed! After reading Gone Girl, I thought I’d give her other books a try and I could not believe that Dark Places didn’t have as much interest. The story is incredible; I was literally flipping through the pages, reading as fast as I possibly could. Dark Places follows the story of the girl who survived a massacre of her whole family and she goes on a journey to discover what happened on that day, years and years ago. I don’t want to say anything more, as I don’t want to ruin what happens.. If you loved Gone Girl, you will love this even more! Dark Places, £6.99 on Amazon (PS: do NOT watch the film, it’s bloody awful and butchered the story!)

The House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer. This was my favourite book as young reader and falls into the ‘young adult’ category of books, but I’ve read it again a couple of years ago and still love it just the same. I remember being in my early teens and walking down to the local library to borrow this book again and again and again. This story follows a young boy, who is the clone of a very powerful, elderly drug lord – sounds a bit deep and dark, but it is so much more! The House of the Scorpion, £7.99 on Amazon

A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket. This was the series of my childhood. These books were just everything to me growing up. I devoured the first, then the second, then the third, then I had to wait for more books to be released and I just kept going until the final book, the thirteenth, was released, which I think just marked the end of my childhood. A Series of Unfortunate Events is the childhood of three orphaned siblings. You might have seen the film, you might have seen the Netflix show, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve picked up these books. The Bad Beginning, £4.60 on Amazon

The Woman He Loved Before, by Dorothy Koomson. This author writes mysteries like you have never read before. This book is about finding out the secrets of the woman who was married to your husband first. I wasn’t expecting the story to be so dark, so upsetting or scary. Koomson is a very powerful author and this is definitely one of her very best. The Woman He Loved Before, £8.99 on Amazon

The Undomestic Goddess, by Sophie Kinsella. If you are after some light reading on the beach, or something you can pick up on your lunch break at work, this is the story for you. The Undomestic Goddess is the laugh-out-loud story of a lawyer who walks out of her office one day and ends up interviewing to be a housekeeper, all by accident, of course. The Undomestic Goddess, £7.18 on Amazon

Cujo, by Steven King. I’m aware that all King books are a huge commitment, but this is one of his shortest stories. It’s also one of my favourites. Cujo isn’t just the horror story of a dog, rabid and on the loose, it’s a story about family. When I picked it up, I thought I’d be reading about a crazed dog, but I found myself unable to put it down and I actually cried when the book was over. Apparently, this story contains King’s biggest regret as an author. Cujo, £6.48 on Amazon

Getting Rid of Matthew, by Jane Fallon. This is a very easy read – a tale of what happens when the mistress suddenly ends up with the man all to herself, right when she doesn’t actually want him anymore. This book is another one where you can throw it on your suitcase for your holiday. It’s easy to pick up where you left off and it will definitely have you going back for more of her books. Getting Rid of Matthew, £6.99 on Amazon

Please leave your recommendations for me! ♡

Some of the links may be affiliated through my Amazon, but this doesn’t cost you, the reader, anything! All opinions are my own and 100% honest!

7 thoughts on “The Books I Recommend To Absolutely Anyone*

  1. Thanks for your list – I aim to go through most of them soon.
    I’ve been re-reading these days; my list is as follows:
    1. To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee.
    2. Of human bondage by W. Somerset Maugham.
    3. Circle of friends by Maeve Binchy.
    4. All books by James Heriott.
    5. The house that Nino built by Giovanni Guareschi.
    6. The egg and I by Betty McDonald.
    7. A tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.
    There are so so many more!! 😀

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  2. Great recs! I also grew up on A Series of Unfortunate Event; I became obsessed again with the Netflix show!

    I love historical fiction, especially The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind, and Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor.

    Honestly if you like any of those three, you’ll adore the other two as well!

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  3. Adore reading too, even though am slightly dyslexic! Recent books that have really enjoyed , plus, books have really enjoyed reading are these:-

    1) One Hundred Names- Cecilia Ahern
    2) The Keeper Of Lost Things- Ruth Hogan
    3) The Moon Field- Judith Allnatt
    4)The Astonishing Color Of After- Emily X R Pan
    5) The Secret Life Of Bees= Sue Monk Kidd
    6) Dear Mrs Bird- A J Pearce
    7) Love, Aubrey- Suzanne La Fleur
    8) The Seamstress- Maria Duenas
    9) Veronica Decides To Die- Paulo Coelho
    10) The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
    11) Jacob T Marley- R William Bennett
    12) Elefant- Martin Suter

    Namaste, Clara

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  4. Just want to put a few more books out there that have loved, hope that is okay :-)!

    “ The Language Of Flowers”- Vanessa Diffenbaugh
    “ Goodnight Mr Tom.”- Michelle Magorian
    “ Because of Winn-Dixie”- Kate Di Camilo
    “ The Scarlet Letter.”- Nathaniel Hawthorne
    “ Solomon’s Tale.”- Sheila Jeffries
    ‘ Secrets Of The Sewing Bee.”- Kate Thompson
    “ A Little Princess”- Frances Hodgson Burnett
    “Little Women”- Louisa May Alcott

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