How To Stop Thinking About Something

I’m one of those people who really, really holds on to things. I’ll think about something literally years after it happened and I often find myself irrationally obsessing about little things that I know aren’t a big deal. I turn things that I should be able to let go into massive problems, which puts me straight in the vicious cycle of definitely not being able to stop thinking about it, because it’s now the biggest problem ever!

I’ve been learning ways to let go, to take my mind off things, to be able to move forward and deal with any problems in a healthier way. Here are some things that you could try too..

Don’t just tell yourself to ‘not think about that’, because then you definitely will. If someone tells you not to think about an elephant, all you’ll be able to think about is an elephant.. Is that how the saying goes? Telling yourself just to push it out of your mind won’t work and you will think about it more than ever.

Replace the thoughts with something else. Whenever I’m thinking about whatever it is that is currently getting me down, I replace it with a picture in my mind of one of my little cats. I’m proud to be a cat mumma – they make me the happiest ever! I’ll think about one of those two and really focus on them, until the bad thought goes away. This completely pushes the bad thought out, because I have something else to concentrate on.. and it’s something that makes me extremely relaxed and happy!

Try to be rational. This doesn’t work very well for me all the time, but it’s definitely something I’m trying to improve. No matter how much I tell myself that I’m being irrational about something little, I just seem to ignore it! However, on occasion, talking through an issue, either with someone else, or in my own head, can make it less scary.

Consider the worst case scenario. If the very worst thing came out of the situation, what would I be able to do to fix it? Sometimes we focus so much on what could happen, that we don’t see past that and how we’d be able to cope with it. I take this approach when I go to doctors appointments. I’m no longer worried about GP or hospital appointments for weeks in advance, because I consider the different outcomes beforehand, what this would mean for my health and what my plans for treatment would be, for example. I used to get really anxious before appointments and now I struggle a lot less.

Consider the best case scenario. What if it goes right? We never think about the good things when we’re thinking about these awful situations. We don’t think about what would happen if it goes to plan, or if it all works out. Actively make an effort to think about that instead!

Do you have any tips for being able to let go? ♡

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