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How To Save Up For A Wedding (Or Anything Important To You!)

As you may know, I’m engaged to be married next winter! With a house to do up and bills to pay, we need to be more careful with our finances than we have been and we’ve been making some changes to save up for our wedding.

We’ve never been big spenders, but we’ve never been big savers either. Before I met my other half, I was very good at saving up, but since living together, buying little bits for the house & eating out lots seems just too appealing! Now we’re prioritising a wedding, which is absolutely lovely.. and we need to get our butts in gear with the savings account.

Everyone’s priorities are different, everyone earns a different amount, everyone’s incomings and outgoings will vary massively, but here are the things we’ve been doing that are working for us right now..

Open a separate bank account which you will only use for wedding spends. We have a bank account that we don’t dip into for anything. Once we put money in there, it only comes out for wedding related spends – nothing else! Sometimes I’m quite tempted.. We could have easily dipped into this when my fiance’s phone died last month, but we made it work without doing that and it felt really good.

Sit down and talk about your incomings and outgoings. My partner can fill out a spreadsheet and understand it all, but I’m not very good with numbers. I find talking about it helps a lot. We talk about what our wages will be, the things that we’ll need to spend in the coming month and how much we’d like to save. It makes it feel much more like a team effort to me as well.

Put the money away on payday, not at the end of the month. If I was to put money away at the end of the month, I don’t think I’d be putting much away. Putting money away on payday, just like putting money aside for bills, makes whatever you are saving for a priority. I know if I had the money in my bank account all month, it would get frittered away, whereas, if it’s already in my wedding fund, it can’t go anywhere.

Budget. Budget. Budget. I really want to save a good few hundred pounds every month towards the wedding, but you have to know first exactly how much different bills come to each month. There’s no use setting a goal if it’s just not affordable. I find it best to sit down and talk it through with my other half about this, to make sure our goals are within reach and no bill goes unpaid.

Decide what luxuries you can swap for your savings. I don’t like to think of myself as ‘doing without’ or ‘giving up’. I like to think that I’m swapping them for a while for my wedding! We’re swapping out our takeaways, our eating out (aside from the very rare treat), our huge piles of sweet foods and unnecessary spends for enjoyment – such as me clothes shopping when I’m bored. We’re also not having a holiday this year.. and that’s okay!

Be mindful about the food shop. This weekend, we took our first trip to the food market and only spent £20, whereas in the supermarket, I know we’d have spent around £30. It was actually really fun and I’m already looking forward to the next time we go. We’re eating more healthily and also minding our portion sizes. We’re losing weight whilst saving money.. bonus! We’re also writing down exactly what we’re spending on food, so we can see where we’re going wrong (and right)!

Do you have any tips for saving money? ♡

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