Trigeminal Neuralgia

Everyone Can Remember Exactly When Their Trigeminal Neuralgia Started

I have a chronic pain condition called Trigeminal Neurgalia. Recently, I shared on Facebook that I’ve just had my three year neuralgiaversary and asked how long everyone else had been living with TN for. People commented who hadn’t yet been diagnosed and people commented who had been living with TN for 20+ years. What struck me most is that, as far as I could see, everyone could remember exactly when they first were struck down with neuralgia. Some other pain conditions, which can come on gradually over time and, frankly, consume your life more and more, so much so that you’re not even sure when it began. Type 1 TN will hit you square in the face, literally, and you will probably always remember the exact moment. I guess this does make it a lot easier to measure how long you’ve been unwell for.

I’m always interested in people’s stories of how they first knew they had TN, when it first happened, what they were thinking, because everyone’s experiences are so unique with it. I recently read through someone’s blog and he wrote some things that felt completely true to me as well. I felt less alone in that moment, because we’d been through the same things.

I’ve been in pain since 9th July 2015 and I’ve decided I’m going to write about that day (that whole weekend) this week, because I’ve never really shared the full story before. It was the single most traumatic thing I’ve been through, physically and mentally, but it has helped me hearing from all of you, so it’s only fair that it’s my turn next.

Click here to read my chronic pain story.

When did your pain begin? ♡

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