Things I’ve Been Loving In October

October is my favourite month! It’s my birthday, it’s mine & my fiance’s anniversary and the weather is the least painful for my TN! Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this month..

The Lowry Theatre

At the start of October, I went to two performances at the Lowry. On the 5th October, I saw Macbeth (performed by the National Theatre) and on the 6th, I saw Freeman (performed by Strictly Arts) and they were both amazing.

We actually booked Macbeth a while ago, because it’s something I always wanted to see. It was gory, the set and costumes seemed to be from no recognisable era and the witches were wild – they climbed 10 foot ‘trees’ on stage and slid down them again like pole dancers! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to dip their toes into Shakespeare.

We saw Freeman advertised in passing, before we went into the theatre for Macbeth, and booked it there and then. It blew me away and I cried the whole way through. It was a small group of six performers examining institutional racism against black minority ethnic individuals and mental health, playing Freeman (the first person in America to plead the defence of ‘insanity) Bland (the face of Black Lives Matter) and four other individuals who’s lives also ended in police custody. I don’t think I could explain it here and give it the justice it deserves.

Soap and Glory’s Melty Talented Wonderbalm

What a little miracle in a pot! This is a balm that turns into an oil when you warm it with your fingers and it has been a complete lifesaver this month when applied to the dry patches on my face. I tend to get really sore, dry skin between my eyebrows and next to my nose and this has completed sorted me out, without making me too greasy. If you’re experiencing dry winter skin at the moment – give this a go! Currently reduced from £5 to £4 at

The Cry

If you didn’t watch this four part BBC drama this month, head on over to ‘catch up’ right now! Based on a book by Helen Fitzgerald, this show follows the story of Joanna and Alastair, a couple who travel from Scotland to Australia to fight for custody of Alastair’s daughter from a previous marriage, and Noah, their baby boy who goes missing shortly after they land. If you loved Gone Girl, or Girl On The Train, you will love this!

Primark Jumpers

I get so excited when Primark jumper season comes around. At around £10 or £13 each, who doesn’t love picking up a few Primark cardigans and jumpers to see them through the winter. I even have some from last year that I can’t bear to say goodbye too! They’re affordable, comfortable and this purple checked jumper pictured below was too cute not to throw into my basket as I was passing.

I Love Cosmetics Bath Products

How did I only find out about this brand this month? I Love Cosmetics are a vegan company with absolutely amazing smelling bath products! At the moment, I’m obsessed with their bath and shower creams, which smell exactly like what they say on the packaging and the smell actually stays on your skin afterwards. Check out the range now on their website!

What have you been loving this month? ♡

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