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Just Another Moment: Blogmas Guest Post

Jess launched Just Another Moment only 3 months ago and already has me hooked. She is in her twenties (going on eighty – same, lovely!) and has a range of health problems, but still finds the time to share her story with others. You can also find her on Instagram and Pinterest.

Chronic illness, chronic pain, and mental health problems have been part of me now for the past six years, going on seven. I’ve received multiple diagnoses, and I’m not finished yet. I still have appointments with specialists to get to the bottom of other multiple symptoms, and they are all pointing towards more diagnoses.
It can be difficult leading a life that consists of doctor’s appointments, hospital appointments, and many other appointments. At the end of the day though it’s for our health, and we don’t get a say in the matter. What we do get a say in is how we decide to react to this life we’re leading.
When I first experienced chronic pain, I never thought that it would continue. I never thought that seven years down the line I’d still be suffering from the same pain and many others. I never thought I’d be thinking of my future including chronic pain, chronic illness, and mental health problems. But here I am, thinking and living those things.
Chronic pain, chronic illness, and mental health problems can be overwhelming. When you first receive a diagnosis, it can feel like you’re mourning the life that you’ve lost, the life that you can no longer lead, the body and mind that you once had.
In time though that passes. You begin to smile again, laugh again, and live again. Your life might consist of things you never once imagined, but it is still your life. You learn to appreciate things to a whole new level. You experience love and care from family and friends on a whole new level. You’ll get to meet people walking the same life as you. You can become part of a community that is full of new friends that truly understand you. Chronic illness doesn’t have to define you, so don’t let it.

Be you.

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