Trigeminal Neuralgia

Being Medically Undiagnosed During A Global Pandemic: Coronavirus Vs Chronic Illnesses

The government have sent out letters to one and a half million people in England, informing them that they are in the most high risk category and that they should stay in their houses for the next 3 months. These people include those who are currently undergoing chemotherapy, the recipients of organ transplants and people with severe respiratory diseases.


The Chronic Pain & Disability Wedding Survival Guide

These are my favourite top tips for planning a wedding with a disability or chronic illness and little things that I did to make my wedding easier for me. Some of these are pretty obvious and self explanatory, but sometimes I think it's good to start with the basics and to make a list of your must-do items and top priorities!

The Ovary Episodes · What To Expect When..

What To Expect When You Have An Ultrasound: The Ovary Episodes

I got a letter in the post explaining that I would need to prepare myself by drinking two litres of water one hour before the scan and a description of what would happen at part of the scan - a small 'wand', called a transducer, is placed a couple of inches inside your vagina to get a better picture of your insides. The procedure is painless and lasts around five minutes.