The Chronic Pain & Disability Wedding Survival Guide

These are my favourite top tips for planning a wedding with a disability or chronic illness and little things that I did to make my wedding easier for me. Some of these are pretty obvious and self explanatory, but sometimes I think it's good to start with the basics and to make a list of your must-do items and top priorities!

Trigeminal Neuralgia

How To Take A Tablets: The Easy Guide To Swallowing Pills

I used to really struggle to swallow pills. I remember my nan trying to get me to take a cod liver oil capsule when I was about 12 or 13; it simply would not go down. When I had a chest infection when I was 20, I had to take the child friendly liquid antibiotics instead of tablet antibiotics, because I said I couldn't manage to swallow a tablet. I had to take disolveable aspirin if I ever needed one, in orange cordial (and I don't like fizzy drinks, so those were awful!)