Why My Pain Is Worse In The Evenings And Weekends

My pain is worse when I get home from work.

It probably looks like I’m suddenly dramatic about my pain levels when I walk through the door after work or when I have a weekend to myself. When I wake up in a morning, I feel like I’m about to collapse sometimes, but when I log onto my work computer, I can (for the most part) function like a hard working adult. When I get home from work, I’m in too much pain to move.

Quite simply, my pain is worse when I have time to think about it.

I’m a very go, go, go type of person. I like to just crack on with whatever I’m doing and, suddenly, when I stop, my pain hits me like a ton of bricks. I’m conscious all the time that my face is sore, but when I have time to focus on it, that is when I find it most unbearable.

Obviously, I have pain flare ups where I can’t cope, whether I’m in work or at home, but as a general rule, for every day pain, I can do my job, do my shopping, do whatever I need to do out of the house before I completely give up in agony.

If anyone other than my partner could see me walking through the door after work and just announce that I’m in too much pain to move, they would just think I was faking my neuralgia, I swear. I’m very blessed that my partner and my home are my safe place, where I can finally collapse into a ball, complain about how unwell I feel and how I want to give up, without judgement, with complete understanding.

Where is your safe place?

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

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  1. Hi! I’ve stumbled across your blog and I’m also a youngish person with TN, from the US, and I relate to this so much. Sometimes I feel like, when I’m at work or around people I don’t know well I can kind of force it into the back of my mind and make myself function, only to curl up in a ball when I get home, or even start freaking out on the drive back. I had a meeting with a client where I was in some of the worst pain of my life, but at worst I probably just seemed a bit nervous and fidgety. I have found working hard some days, especially when I’m working on my computer by myself, but by far the worst agony is when I have nothing to distract me. I do find watching TV is a huge help, though sometimes I can’t do something funny because laughter can be one of my triggers. When I have pain at night I feel much, much better if I watch television and stay up rather than just laying there trying to sleep. True crime documentaries and cop shows (mainly Law and Order SVU) are an absolute life saver when it comes to finding a distraction! I just used The Staircase on Netflix (can’t recommend it highly enough!) to get myself through two days of absolute hell.

    I feel like a lot of us with chronic pain have this worry that people will think we’re faking it because we can hold it together so well around others and don’t “look” sick, but people seem to be getting more understanding these days and a lot of folks have an invisible illness or a loved one with one. It is especially hard when you’re younger. I may comment on some other posts, I love your blog and really do relate to your experiences.

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