How To Cope With Nausea

I feel sick all the time, but usually when I’m lying down, or first thing in a morning, or in the evening.. Yes, basically all the time. I have no idea why, doctors don’t know why and I’ve just given up trying to get to the root cause! However, over the last few years, I have collected a few handy ways in which I deal with nausea, that I thought might be of help to someone – hopefully, you might find one thing here that you haven’t tried before, which then helps to ease some of your symptoms a little!

Brushing your teeth. Okay, I think everyone knows this one, but a minty flavour really helps!

Eating mints. Peppermint tea apparently helps too, but I’m not brave enough to try that, because the thought of it makes me feel sick on its own!

Lying in bed, propped up on about 3 pillows. I’m aware that no one can comfortably sleep like this, but when I like completely flat, my sickness is worse and I know this is the case for a lot of other people too.

Opening a window a little.

Eating whatever you feel like. If you fancy it, have it. I remember being up all night sick once and then crying down the phone to my manager that all I wanted to eat was a plain potato.. Which I did eat. Without even putting any butter on it.

Drinking something that isn’t water. I know you’re supposed to stay hydrated, but sometimes when you feel sick, the flavour (or lack!) of water is absolutely disgusting. Especially if you’ve been sick! I don’t care, have the Vimto. The sugar might even help!

Drinking through a straw. I have no idea why this helps, but it does.

Drinking something cold. Except if cold triggers your pain, like me!

Focusing on your breathing.

Distracting yourself with something heavy. You know nothing light is taking your mind off that sick feeling – lounging on the sofa, half watching an episode of Sex and the City, whilst playing on your phone definitely won’t do it, but reading a Stephen King book with your phone turned off might! Go all in and make an effort take your mind off it properly.

What are your ‘go to’ tips for feeling nauseous?

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