A Surprise Discovery At Work And The Health Scare: The Vision Diaries

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I spent a weekend moping around with minimal vision. I went to my marriage registrar appointment in huge sunglasses and didn’t take them off for the whole hour I was there. I slept a lot. My vision didn’t seem to want to come back in my right eye. My left eye was still slightly light sensitive, so I listened to films with my eyes closed and tried to rest as much as possible.

If I was to describe my vision in my right eye at this stage would be patchy, light sensitive, shadowy and with a missing grey patch in my central vision. The vision in my left eye? Absolutely fine as before, as if Thursday had never happened.

On the Monday morning, day five of the missing vision, I went into work and popped into the office where the head optometrist was working for the day – there’s always a benefit to working in a hospital! He had a good look at my eyes, did several scans (repeating a scan that was done at the emergency eye hospital on the Thursday evening) and noticed a big black mark on my retina, the back of my eye. The local hospital had completely missed it, even though it was massive and they had done the same scan. The optom dilated my eyes (I absolutely hate having the dilating drops, they sting a little and I am a huge baby!) and asked the retinal specialist to have a look at the back of my eyes. He suspected it might be some retinal fluid, but it wouldn’t explain why I originally went blind in both eyes. He said it had probably been there for a while.

I called my GP and booked in to see her the next week. If you have neuralgia, or any other complicated medical history, you’ll know the struggle of only wanting to see your one favourite doctor, who you trust and who understands your health. I refuse to see any other GPs at my local practice, so I had to wait a week to see her, but I would rather have done that than see anyone else.

By the time I saw my GP, I was on my twelfth day of not being able to see properly out of my right eye.

My GP was immediately concerned that I may have had a mini stroke, so asked me to stop taking my contraceptive pill immediately. My GP referred me straight back to the eye hospital properly and said I would he contacted the same day after the emergency team had triaged my paperwork. At this point, all I had to go off was the fact that I knew I definitely had a massive black patch on my retina and that it could have possibly been down to a stroke. I was definitely not feeling my best.

I’ve been miserable before because of my health, but this was something else – losing your sight is pretty scary! I’ve learned to cope with pain, but I’m not used to feeling so vulnerable and partially sighted.

I was contacted by the hospital and they arranged to see me a few days later..

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The Vision Diaries

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