What Can I Eat?: Trigeminal Neuralgia

During my first ever flare of trigeminal neuralgia, I lived on room temperature yoghurt. I wasn’t prepared for a life where there might be a very sudden need for soft, room temperature foods! I remember my boyfriend searching our flat for something soft for me to eat and emerging from the kitchen with a tin of ravioli.

Sometimes on a high pain week, I don’t want to do a lot of chewing, so it’s very tempting to stick to soups and yoghurt, but that isn’t very exciting.

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite soft food ideas to have a little pick at when I can’t manage a proper meal..

A ‘soft roast’ – a roast dinner, but the trimmings are mashed potatoes, mashed carrots & soft veg, like sprouts or cauliflower. Instead of the meat, I might just have a bit of stuffing.


Scrambled eggs

Quiche without the crust

Shredded chicken curry (but spice can cause some people to flare, so pick your flavour carefully if you’re one of those people!)

Couscous – I like mine with tuna

Corned beef hash


Stews – stews of all kinds! Usually cooked to within an inch of their life, so the veg is incredibly soft

Cauliflower cheese

Smooth pate (on soft bread, no toasted breads for me!)

Overcooked pasta – because no one wants al dente when chewing hurts – with a simple sauce

Mac and cheese

Weetabix (pour milk on top & then microwave)

Veggie burger (made of beans, not a meat substitute)

Rice pudding

Shepherds pie/cottage pie

A smoothie

Jacket potato, but leave the skin


Baked salmon or cod, with rice

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

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  1. Im kinda lucky here. My only luck in Trigeminal neuralgia i have, i can chew what i want as long as i chew on left side. If i chew anything on my right side, even if its moosh, its gonna set my face off. I haven’t chewed nothing om my right side for years. least i got that going for me. Every thing else sets my face off. So far meds dont seem to help. I want ro sever the Trigeminal nerves on my right side and just be done with pain. Its every freak day multiple times and every night multiple times. Im tired. I want to be done with pain. I cant take it anymore.

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  2. I’m always eating smoothies, plant based milks for the added nutrients, soups, chicken salad swallowed whole, apple sauce, creamy smashed rice, and mashed potatoes.

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