Trigeminal Neuralgia and the Daith Piercing: Could a Piercing Really Cure My “Headache”? 

One of my best friends text me over the August bank holiday weekend, showing me the picture of a piercing she wanted – a cute little heart shaped titanium ring through the daith – the piece of cartilage behind your tragus, in the middle of your ear. I said I’d take her the following weekend and when an adorable ‘cat ear’ shaped white gold ring caught my eye, I was more than sold on getting my daith pierced too!

There have been certain benefits of the daith piercing discussed on the internet. Some people have claimed that getting this piercing has successfully cured their migraines, where modern medicine has failed. I have been recommended acupuncture for my neuralgia in the past, so I can only assume that the daith may be placement of one of the needles during this procedure! I will always keep an open mind about these kind of things, but it’s highly likely that my neuralgia is caused by a blood vessel in my brain being squashed against the trigeminal nerve and I’m not sure pressure on a little piece of cartilage in my ear would change that. I was definitely not expecting a miracle cure from this piercing!

On Sunday morning last week, I met up with two of my closest friends, had a good old ‘spoons breakfast, spent too much money in Primark and headed over to Holier Than Thou in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I’ve only been inside once with another friend, but I’ve seen so many good reviews about the shop and I can safely confirm that all the 5* reviews on Facebook were completely accurate.

From walking in, to picking the jewellery, to signing the consent (and stressing about my long list of repeat medications I had to write down!) and, finally, being pierced, everyone was absolutely lovely and I couldn’t have imagined a nicer group of people.

The piercing took only a few minutes, from the initial ear clean to the jewellery being put in. I did accidentally swear, when the artist was putting the ring in! There was no ‘pop’, no crunch and no pain I couldn’t handle – a piercing certainly can’t defeat someone living with chronic facial pain, so I’m sure anyone living with migraines would live up to the challenge.

We nipped into a cute little cafe a couple of streets down afterwards and my friend treated me to a hot chocolate. I did bleed quite a bit afterwards – it did pool a little in my ear! So I sat in the cafe with a napkin to my ear! It took a couple of days to be able to clean it properly, as it’s in such a strange little nook that you probably don’t usually pay too much attention to.

In terms of helping my trigeminal neuralgia, it absolutely hasn’t changed anything! I felt a bit of a ‘sore’ sensation in my jaw and temple whilst being pierced and afterwards, but it didn’t trigger an attack of pain. More importantly, it certainly hasn’t cured my neuralgia.

Click here to read what happened next with my trigeminal neuralgia and my daith piercing..

I’m sure I’ll continue to be asked whether I got my piercing to help my ‘headaches’ or whether I’m ‘cured’, but so far, I’m still the same old me with my TN and that’s okay.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

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    • I haven’t been diagnosed yet with TN, but I suspect that I have it!
      I do, however, have a chronic sinusitis, since I was very young, and the pain from that, is unbearable! I’m just getting over a nasty sinus infection, and if I make you feel sick, I’m sorry!
      I blew my nose and I had a large blood clot in my hanky!
      I had my Daith piercing, done about three years ago, and the terrible sinus headache and pain, has completely gone!
      If you don’t mind having a piercing done, then give it a try! It’s a very pretty place to get a piercing so you don’t lose anything

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  1. Sorry me again you did have piercing on the opposite side to your pain didn’t you?? 🤔I think I have a booking on Saturday although my boys think I am bit too old and uncool to have this piercing.

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  2. I have Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia and Occipital Neuralgia. It took 16 years to get the right diagnosis in Nebraska because doctors didn’t understand the symptoms of either disease. I have had every treatment available with exception of MVD(briain surgery) I recommend new patients read ” Striking Back” a really good book. I have had cyberknife a destructive procedure which caused more damage to my face like scaring in the eye and a completely numb tongue which affect eating and kissing. I have excruciating burning pain if the air moves or temperatures change below 76 or change 2 degrees I wear balaklavas even in 90 degree heat to cope. I have a spinal cord Stimulator but I only get pain relief on one facial nerve and need a second one and was denied it from insurance. I have had ATN and ON for over 25 years now and I travel 1 1/2 hours to get pain medications/pain management and quality care for my disease. I suffer from many allergies and have to go to 4 different pharmacies to just get my medications because of the allergies. So I don’t want any CDC, government or political persons deciding whats in my best interest with meds. I think anyone with this disease should be able to get disability. It distroy your live financially, socially and emotionally. We loose our friends and family because of the invisibility. They don’t understand the chronic excruciating pain we suffer. We are then degraded by our government system in every way possible. Then they tell us to stay positive when we lose everyone and everything we love. We get no money even the sliver from disability won’t even pay for the medication you need with a chronic excruciating illness.


    • I had cyber knife as well. It did decrease the intensity of pain, but like you the side effects were awful. Numbness, sometimes “creepy crawly” sensation on my forehead, and horrible pain with any cold. I have to cover half my face with a scarf with a thick liner inside it. In the winter I cant go out at all and the pain from walking just from the parking garage is awful. I have had to become a recluse. And forget drinking anything cold, good thing I like wine because cocktails all have ice. You take care now. , stay strong everyone

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  3. I tried the daith piercing to help with migraine. It had no effect on TN, migraines became worse 😦 I persevered for 3 months, migraine didn’t improve so I removed the ring.

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