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Trigeminal Neuralgia and the Daith Piercing: An Update

When I started writing my blog, I hoped I would help to reach just one other person with Trigeminal Neuralgia and offer them a bit of comfort, but I’m actually saddened to see that my most popular post, which pulls in views from all over the world every day, is my post about the miracle cure piercing for headaches, the daith piercing, through a piece of middle cartilage on your ear.

I wanted my blog to reach someone who may need to know they’re not alone, but, in turn, it has also reached a lot of people who are desperate for a cure wherever they can find it, so it breaks my heart to write an update and tell you all that it didn’t work.

I wasn’t expecting a piercing to cure my headache, because my headache and facial pain is caused by a nerve in my brain that is playing up. The cartilage that the daith piercing passes through is actually an acupuncture point for your feet, I believe. I don’t know whether people are thinking themselves better, whether it’s actually require placebo effect or whether it’s different for people who suffer from migraines, but a piercing will not cure trigeminal neuralgia or any kind of neuralgia. If it was as simple as a quick piercing, there wouldn’t be such thing as the ‘suicide disease’, instead it would just be facial pain that could be quickly cured by a trip to your local pierce artist.

I hope if you’re reading this, you’re having a pain free day and I hope this saves you wasting your money and time on a quick fix cure. However, this piercing is super cute, so it can’t hurt (pun intended!) to get it done anyway if you think it’s as adorable as I do!

Stay strong! ♡

17 thoughts on “Trigeminal Neuralgia and the Daith Piercing: An Update

  1. Thanks for sharing this – I’ve been considering getting a Daith piercing for my TN and have been struggling to find much in the way of records from sufferers who have tried it. Now I know it’s probably not worth bothering, as least not for the pain side – maybe just for the pretty side of it 🙂

    Thanks again, hope you’re having a pain-free day!


    1. I was so in hope that the ear piercing would help my TN😢
      I have been using CBD Oil and it has helped more than the drugs . I still have days when the pain has to have Valium , which will cover it for a very short time..
      Pray we will have some help someday!!

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  2. Dang! I was hoping for amazing results for TN. I’ve not even found good evidence of it helping chronic migraine which I also have.


  3. The daith peircing is actually for migraines and my sister got this done! But i get botox injections every 12 weeks. I have tn, on, cm, and tension headaches, the botox helps so much. Good luck and the piercing is beautiful. I have four piercings up my ears but not that one.

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  4. Your blog has been very helpful. I suffer from TN (last attack ended less than 2 weeks ago) and I’ve been trying to research if a daith piercing might be helpful. I know of people who have had it done for migraines, and claim it has been successful, but I don’t suffer from migraines (Fibromyalgia…. TN…but not Migraines!!!!). It’s refreshing to hear you telling it as it is, so thank you. I don’t think anyone who has never experienced TN will ever grasp how absolutely horrendous it is.

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  5. Had a tooth extraction a month ago tomorrow. Approx. 7 days after I had terrible pain in my lower jaw. Thinking possible dry socket, went back to the dentist. No dry socket. healing nicely they said. Well I had to go back again pain etc… They have told me that at my age “62” that it takes a bit longer to heal etc.
    Well it seems as though this pain comes and goes. Waking me up at night etc. The pain is difficult to control.
    I’m finding myself taking anything I can. I’m at the point where I do feel that I have trimemginal neuralgia.


  6. Thank you for your condieration & blog. Many who suffer from TN & related migraine pain feel desperately isolated – yours truly included. My pain is post shingles related to Lyme.Disease dating back to 1999. I have tried many medications without relief but with side effects& anesthetic local block which are very tempoary. I used vitamin therapy & homeopathic therapy. Desperately i.tried emu cream & meditation therapy. I am blessed with a supportive network of loving family & work full time but funtioning & enjoying pain free life is a struggle. I do have a daith which helped minimize the severe duration of regular migraines but to date is not a relief for my TN pain.
    Please keep blogging & sharing. We may find further interventions & continue to raise each other in support & understanding. Sometimes just having another to reach out to makes a healing difference.
    Keep shining & stay strong. Never give up.

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  7. Thank you so much for clarifying this. If it was that easy to get rid of, surely a neurologist wouldn’t let you suffer. I was diagnosed with TN back in 2013,it was under control up until 2016 and the pain was worse than ever. After 3 different medications, I was finally relieved with Gabapentin. Anyone who has never experienced this excruciating pain will never understand. Hope you, me and all other sufferers will find great relief.

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  8. I am so grateful to discover this blog with blog friends with TN, I will read your past post and in future will be part of the TN group visiting your blog. I am from South Africa. Thanks for your blog. I google daith piercing and discovered your blog.

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