I’m Pregnant: The Ovary Episodes

If you haven’t read part 3, please click here.

In June, I’d been feeling dizzy with stomach cramps and extreme fatigue. I pretty much always feel sick and tired, so this wasn’t anything unusual, but the cramps without the period were getting getting pretty annoying after a few days.

My last (and only!) cycle was 228 days, so, as a bench mark in my head, I was expecting the same thing again, when the cramps started at around 210 days. I’m aware how absolutely mental these cycle lengths sound, but my endocrinology appointments have all been cancelled due to coronavirus, so I can’t provide you with any factual information on what is or isn’t normal in terms of long cycles for people with PCOS!

My first thought was, I’m about to get a period, this must be some kind of ovulation cramping. When it didn’t settle down, I decided to grab an ovulation urine testing strip and, on a complete whim, I decided to do a pregnancy test too.

Obviously, you’ve seen the title of this blog post – I’m pregnant!

When I presented my husband with a pair of baby slippers a few days later, he kept asking if I was serious, as he knew I wasn’t having periods, so therefore not ovulating every month, and we’d assumed that we’d have a battle on our hands to get pregnant.

We’re both still trying to get used to the thought that we’ll be parents at the start of 2021 and I guess it’s going to take a little while to feel real..

I’m assuming my appointments with the endocrinologist will have to wait for almost a year, but I guess I have to wait until after coronavirus to see!

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The Ovary Episodes

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